Terms and Conditions

UPC Terms, Conditions And Guideline

UPC will only be provided after the full payment for the ordered VIP number.

Customers or buyers are allowed to cancel the order only in case we fail to provide the UPC within 24 hours of successful payment and order placement.

Order once placed can’t be canceled within 24 hours.

IIf UPC successfully generated and sent from us, but not received by the customer (due to reasons like operator network failure, SMS not received, email received in Junk or SPAM), customer can request for the UPC again. However, no cancellation for the order will be accepted.

Customers can cancel the order only when any issue is encountered from the seller for the ordered VIP number.

If the above mentioned UPC delivery deadline fails from our end, and all the terms and conditions will be met for the refund, customers can apply for it. Payment Refund

All the accepted refund requests will be initiated to the customer’s original source payment type. Released payment will be processed within 48 working hours from the requested date & time.

Refunded payment will be on hold in any condition till the 5th day of UPC's expiration.


Order Cancellation

Customer/User can’t request for cancellation or refund if any problem persists from our end until three valid UPC delivery tries.

Customer/User can’t request for cancellation or refund if the problem is from the customer/User/their end.


UPC, MNP, Complaints, And Solutions

It can take from 1 to up to 5 days to solve the customer’s complaints.

If there will be any problem in MNP from our end, we will give our best to provide a solution within the minimum possible time. The customer will have to wait until we come up with the solution.

After the solution is provided, the customer can retry for MNP, and this will be counted as one valid try.

The new UPC for this MNP attempt will be delivered within 48 hours.

Once the UPC is delivered to the customer via text message or email, and the customer doesn’t send an MNP request or face any issue related to MNP. THEY MUST CONTACT US WITHIN THE 20 DAYS.

No complaint will be accepted or registered if the customer doesn't contact us within 20 days.


Postpaid Recharges, Bills, And Other Payable(s)

The customer should recharge the number as per their usage after the below terms.

We will pay the bill for 90 days if the provided number to the customer is not ready to port.

In the postpaid sim, for the 90 days, we will provide Minimum 1 GB data daily + All INDIA unlimited calling on the same network with the operator SIM provided by us.

The customer should pay the MNP (porting) charges to his nearest retailer or store. Multiple Orders

If customer orders more than one number & then cancel one of the order, it will be VND’s choice of whether second or other numbers should be canceled or not.

If the customer doesn’t request to cancel the order within 24 hours & UPC will be delivered, the customer wouldn’t be able to cancel the order. Privacy, Disturbance, And Operator

The customer must agree with us to stay one the same network we provide for at least 90 days from the number activation.

We try our best to ensure that the customer shouldn’t receive wrong calls or messages from the number’s old owner contacts. However, unfortunately, we never guarantee this.


VND’s Rights, Responsibilities, And Actions

VND holds the full right to cancel any order anytime.

We promise to provide the services on the customer’s Indian Mobile phone number that can receive calls & text messages.

We always suggest customers visit the nearest retailer communication shop for MNP for prepaid operator services & company store (Outlet) for the postpaid operator services.

We, at the VIP Number Shop, can provide NOC on our own behalf on a letter pad (if required).

We never provide sellers/last owner’s documents to the customer.

We don’t guarantee E-sim availability in any condition.

No Courier complaint will be registered within seven days from the date of order on customer request.

UPC sent or courier shipped will be marked Order as “in Process.”

“In process” order can never be canceled by the customer.

We don’t provide any Sim replacement service.

If any sim gets lost by the customer before MNP, then the customer will be responsible for the loss.

The number will be activated within 2 to 4 days of MNP request as per TRAI rules & regulations.

Terms & conditions will be changed from time to time as soon as TRAI updates the rules & regulations.

If any rejection came in MNP due to any issue from our end, then the customer must provide rejection reason’s valid screenshot to us.

A cancellation request can take two working hours to come in the cancellation process.

For some security reasons, Sometimes UPC will be provided with advance notification at the time when the customer will reach the MNP store or outlet.

All terms & conditions can be changed by VND anytime.

The customer has to follow all TRAI rules & regulations.

We never promise delivery time on behalf of 3rd party courier service.

If there will be any complaint against the 3rd party (courier partner), then the customer has to agree to wait until the solution is provided by the courier partner.

The customer can contact us by calling on +91- 9856-333-333.

Customers can also contact us via email at info@vipnumberdukan.com.

Customers can also connect via Whatsapp to communicate with his/her assigned account manager on his/her number.

We send UPC generally on the registered mobile number provided to us.

Customers can request to get UPC on another number by asking via email or Whatsapp.

We will provide only UPC (Not sim). Customers will have to port the number from their nearest retailer or company outlet.

The customer will get a sim from the retailer/store from where he/she will request MNP.

In courier condition, all status on the courier site will be count true.

If number ported out but anything pending like activation or any complaint regarding the customer’s selected operator/state will be handled by the customer support.

We ensure and guarantee safety for the customer’s payment until the number is successfully ported.

We are responsible for refunding the full payment that the customer has paid to us for the number.

we are not responsible for any loss of the customer if an order got canceled from the customer end in any condition